Congratulations, you have now started the Survey™ Webapplication.
  • If its your first start you can login as admin, password admin. Once logged in and once you have created a survey / form, you can change your password, username from the User section at any time.

  • Some more technical options and settings: you can run Survey in a single user mode (anonymous): open the web.config file and find the FormUserProviderSingleMode element for more information.

  • Change the Mail server settings from the web.config file at any time using a text editor

  • Further instructions and backgroundinformation can be found at the Survey Community website at http://www.surveyproject.info. You can ask your questions through the Forums.

  • You may now start using the online administration tool by logging in to the Authentication form.

  • Survey Samples: Two sample survey xml files are part of the Survey package [_FormSamples]. They can be imported after logging in [new survey / import survey from XML].

  • This page is compliant with:

    Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional Valid CSS!

    The new version of the Survey webapplication was rewritten to become W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant as much as possible with the exception of pages making use of third party components.

  • The language setting of you webbrowser determine the xml languagefiles used to present webpage texts.

    This effect is caused by one of the settings in the web.config file: culture/ uiculture. If set to "auto" Survey will pick up the culture/ language of your browsersettings. To explicitely pick a specific culture/ language, replace "auto" with "en-US" or "nl-NL" for example.

Survey Administration Authentication

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SURVEY™ is a web survey and form engine based on the open source webapplication formerly known as NSurvey. NSurvey was written by Thomas Zumbrunn, copyright (c) 2004/2005 and published under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, June 1991. The new SURVEY™ solution was started by Fryslan Webservices™ , copyright (c) 2009/2010. The SURVEY™ open source webproject can be found at http://survey.codeplex.com.
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